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The terms and conditions section of Web and Seo Experts draw out rules with respect to the usage of the Web and Seo Experts website and services we provide to our clients. It also sheds light on fundamental guidelines regarding refunds and money-back guarantee policy.

By using the Web and Seo Expert's website, users invariably accept all the following obligations.

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Images, videos, company logo, icons, landing pages, footer, header, blogs, and every other piece of content on this website belongs to Web and Seo Experts. No individual or group of people has the right to copy, repurpose, modify, republish, or distribute this content on any platform without taking into confidence or seeking formal written approval from Web and Seo Experts.

The unlawful exploitation of our content will account for a violation of trademark, copyright, and other relevant legal jurisdictions. Web and Seo Experts is fully empowered by the law to make a strong case for civil and criminal penalties against anyone who indulges in the illegal use of the content published on our website.

Refund Policy

Please read through our below provided refund policy for your reference and information.

It is to be noted that our refund policy shall be rendered null and void in the following instances:

1. In the event that a client availed a package that was discounted/marked down from original cost.

2. Registration of Domain, Web Hosting Services, Search Engine Optimization and Social Media Management Services are not open to being processed for a refund in any instance whatsoever.

3. Projects provided on an expedited basis are not eligible for refunds under any circumstances and stand as non-refundable.

4. In the circumstance that the customer has requested revisions to the initial design concepts.

5. If the cancellation is made for reasons not pertaining to the organization, this too shall render the project non-refundable.

6. In the event that the client has contracted another company for the same work our organization was hired to dispense.

7. If the client has violated the company’s policies in any form or manner.

8. If the customer does not revert back/respond to being approached by the company for a period of more than 14 days from initiation of the project, i.e. non-responsive or not in contact with the organizational representative for more than 14 days.

9. If insufficient/incomplete input was provided in the initial creative brief.

10. In the instance that a complete change of design/concept is requested.

11. In the event that a refund request has crossed the stipulated timeframe (60 days) for doing so.

12. In the event that a client is not satisfied with a particular/specific service in a subscribed bundle package of services they are only eligible to receive the amount pertaining to that precise service in the bundle that they are dissatisfied with. Refund of the entire bundle package is inapplicable in this case.

13. ‘Change of mind’ or ‘internal organizational incongruity’ are inadmissible grounds for a refund request.

14. If the company/organization/business amends, edits or otherwise changes its official name.

15. In the case of full and final delivery of final files already having been sent to the client they will be ineligible to have a refund request processed.

16. Complimentary, and services provided FOC are not subject to being processed for a refund.

17. In the instance that the client approved the initially provided design concept.

18. Work that has been subcontracted out to a third party is not applicable for a refund request.

19. In the instance of logo development, refund requests will not be entertained/processed if designs have been approved and are in the process of being rendered as final files for final delivery.

20. With regard to website design, development and deployment, refunds are inapplicable once the customer has provided initial design concept approval that has then been forwarded on to the web development team.

21. In the event that a customer availed any sort of payment plan for a service or package.


The organization reserves the right to halt, dismiss or reject any project at its discretion without assigning any reason or providing prior intimation. Following cancellation/dispute the client shall no longer have any rights over the developed materials, neither for use nor display. Subsequent to such an instance all designs shall become the sole property of the organization, that shall then stand as the sole rightful owner of the developed materials.

Claiming A Refund

To initiate a refund request please submit a request via email at info@webandseoexperts.com. Subsequent to your refund request initiation you will be contacted by our Billing and Compliance Department for refund request evaluation and processing. Your refund request process shall be initiated following completion of initial evaluation.

100% Money-Back Guarantee

Web and Seo Experts follows a hassle-free 100% money-back guarantee policy with respect to its SEO / SMM projects. However, we would like to mention certain conditions that might be applicable to our 100% money-back guarantee policy.

If there is any commitment, which we are unable to provide within the given time. Web and Seo Experts will not be liable to hold the clients’ payment and will reimburse the entire amount to the client, including all the transaction changes.

Clients must initiate the money-back guarantee process by or before 30 days from the date of project completion. Requests received after 30 days will not be entertained.

Payment Policy

All digital marketing services offered by Web and Seo Experts will be billed on a monthly recurring basis or on Renewal including Pay Per Click Advertising (PPC), Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Social Media Marketing (SMM), Content Marketing, and other such like digital marketing services. Considering the duration and complexity of a project, customers might be charged on a recurring monthly payment basis for specific web development and design projects.

Client Feedback And Approval

All Web and Seo Experts projects are subject to the written feedback and approval of clients. If a client fails to provide feedback within 30 days or by the time a project marks its ending (whichever comes first), Web and Seo Experts has the right to retain the project costs. In such a case, clients cannot contest a full refund. However, there could be a possibility of a partial refund upon mutual agreement.


Client Websites

Web and Seo Experts does not bear any responsibility for damages incurred to clients or their entities (such as websites). Clients who are not happy with our services may request a refund and subsequently, stop using the website. Web and Seo Experts will not be liable for penalties owing to the accidental leakage or loss of client data from the search engine.

Web and Seo Experts relies on white-hat SEO practices that stand in line with the respective search engine’s most recent guidelines. We undertake action on clients’ websites after getting their approval beforehand.

Changes To Client Website

It is highly advisable for all our clients to back up their websites as it will prove handy in the face of any data loss. We also strongly recommend our clients to never perform any changes to the website without notifying us.

Changes To Website META Tags

Changes in the website design, template, or META tags could potentially influence the website traffic as well as ranking. Thus, our clients are recommended to tweak META details or alter the website and its content without taking us into confidence beforehand. Web and Seo Experts does not hold/share the responsibility for damages caused to ranking or traffic due to the changes in META details, design, theme, or content undertaken by any party.

Search Engine Penalties

Web and Seo Experts does not bear the responsibility if the client’s website receives a penalty from search engines for whatever reason. Web and Seo Experts is the ardent follower of white-hat SEO tactics aligning with search engine guidelines. Moreover, we inform clients before proceeding with any website changes.

Web Development Policy

Web and Seo Experts undertakes web development projects at clients’ requests. We will not share the burden of responsibility for data theft, or any harm caused to the online and offline property. Whenever possible, we request clients to provide us user-level access to their websites instead of administrative access.

Web and Seo Experts also recommends clients immediately change the login access to their websites as soon as the project marks completion. At the same time, we suggest our clients to backup websites on a trustworthy and protected server. In case a website is waived off from the Google index or gets erased unintentionally, Web and Seo Experts will not be held accountable for that.

SEO Work

Web and Seo Experts will not be liable if Google discounts website links from the index. Web and Seo Experts will also not be answerable if clients’ ranking is demoted due to the search engine updates. Performance issues from the part of clients related to ISP provider, hosting, or etc. that lay outside our control will not be our responsibility.

Image Policy

Web and Seo Experts incorporates streaming images in clients’ projects unless they are up for making payment for a specific picture. We use legally acceptable images for clients. Web and Seo Experts never utilizes images backed by copyright protection.

Changes To Our Terms And Conditions Page

If Web and Seo Experts updates, amends, or changes its terms and conditions page, this page will be adjusted accordingly. Users should visit this page frequently to stay informed about our policies. Web and Seo Experts is not legally responsible to update clients regarding changes in terms and conditions.

Web and Seo Experts Images Policy

Every image on Web and Seo Experts Website is our property. No one is permitted to use these images in any capacity without asking for prior written or verbal approval from Web and Seo Experts.

Privacy Policy

We request our clients to go through our Privacy Policy page to learn more about us. You can visit our Privacy Policy page by clicking here: Privacy Policy